Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013- a challenge year for me

I can say that this year is a year of challenge for me. I had so many things to plan and do. My work, my study and my family...but most of all is my fully. They are my priority no matter what. Its march already and i still couldn't believe it that time passed by so fast. But I did realized what is happening.
Last month, the intruders came to Lahad Datu, to my work place. I was so scared to death coz this is the first time bad things happened. I just be strong because I knew that I am not alone. I had my friends who also face the same situation with me. So, we all share the sad and happy moments in our work place.
My study have to move on no matter what happen. The intruders will never stop me or let me down. I have to be strong to finish my study.
Hope everything will be just fine for me....and i will work for my plan....
Please HELP ME GOD....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


When I first saw my nephew's pictures after his birth, I was quite surprised coz he was so cute and chubby, specially his cheeks. MUM was quite surprised also coz we all never thought he was so cute. Now, he is 3 months. People will thought he is already 5 months.
I can't wait for my nephew to come over this Christmas.....I want to give him a big hug and a long kiss at his cheeks........^____^...

My nephew Gabriel Lincoln Resi cute....^___^

Love to see his cheeks and lips....just like his father...^_*

Sunday, June 17, 2012


        Never thought it's been 6 years you left us. Sometimes I couldn't believe it. But I have to face the truth that you are not around us. I kept thinking til now, why on earth they did that to you. I just let it to hands of GOD to judge those who wanted you to leave us forever.
        We always remember what you told us....your advices. The most you always remind us your children to ALWAYS BE KIND TO ALL....EVEN OTHERS DID BAD THINGS, LET THEM DID WHAT THEY WANT, AS LONG AS WE ARE NOT LIKE THAT....
        We really miss you so much....I cried yesterday when I look at your picture. I need someone to talk I talk to myself and imagine I am talking with you. I let out all the doubts in me, all the fear and all the things that bother me. I know you will listen to me coz I always pray for you....wishing you will always with us.


Saturday, June 16, 2012


        I miss my family so much...specially my late father coz tomorrow is Father's Day. I miss my MUM so much also. Now, I think bout my beloved nephew in Kuching. Even I never met him, I already miss him. I can't wait for them to come over. Even I am far from my dear family, I have to be happy even deep inside I felt so sad. 
        I must live my life to the fullest. Live as happy as I can. I want to be happy for my family. They are the best thing in my life. I am happy because of them. I don't want them to worry so much bout me here alone in LD. Even life is not easy for me, I know I must face it. Facing all the obstacles and problems made me stronger day by day. I learn things about life more.
        Sitting in front of the TV while drinking my hot chococcino (chocolate + capuccino), remind me of what I have been through so far...thinking bout the hurt in my heart. But deep inside, I knew this is God's plan for me. I just accepted what have been decided for me. I just have to face it. God knew I am strong enough to face everything. By the end, I knew HE already prepare the best for me. I just have to wait for it. The time will come....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Thank GOD for giving us a new born GORAN's newly born nephew. It is my brother Carlos new born son.I am so much happy to have my nephew. He was born on May 6, 2012 at 9.37 p.m. I am so proud and really hope will meet my lovely nephew soon. 


Friday, January 27, 2012


        I felt so happy yesterday (26th Jan). I can make it to my best friend's Blessing Day. It is Beth's Blessing Day yesterday. It was one of my best moment to see her walk down the isle and see her had her blessing. She looks so pretty and beautiful. I knew already that she will look so pretty on her big day. 
        She called me last time on 7 Jan after I finished my class and let me know about her Blessing Day that will be on 26th Jan. I felt so happy that she called and let me know about it. It is an honour for me. I saw Beth's children. Meeting her dad and all her sisters. Peach is her theme colour for her Blessing Day. But I didn't come with a peach dress. Sori my friend...I'm so happy after many years I finally met her children. They are very cute....Mia, oh she was so cute, chubby and very hyperactive...her son, OJ...oh, very handsome...and her third daughter, oh I forgot her name. All of them are very cute. I had a chance took some picture of Beth and her dear family....and sure I did took some picture with her. I can't describe how happy I am yesterday. She look so pretty in her wedding dress. I like her wedding dress. Indeed she is pretty in any dress. After the blessing, we had some refreshment at the parish hall. All the food are very delicious. I like all the menu prepared. I eat much...hehehehe....Before went back, I gave present to Beth as her wedding gift. I plan to give her more...coming soon...;-)..

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


        I had one week holidays for this Chinese New Year. So, I spend this time with my dear family. All my sibling also have one week great that we all can be together and enjoy our holiday so much. Tomorrow me and my siblings will have things to do in KK town. I also have a few things I need to settle before go back to LD.

        I went back to KK early on Thursday (19 Jan). I took one day sick-leave. Actually I didn't felt very comfortable to stay another day in the school coz of someone. This person lied to me on something. I just couldn't believe why this person had to lie. I am honest with my friendship but this person....oh God why on earth this person is like that....a cheater. I was very angry because I ask this person myself but this person did not tell me the truth till I found out the truth. Never mind....I just have to go on with my life. This person is not going to stop me from living my happy life as I always be.

        I pray to God that I have the courage to face my life with a cheater among my life work. I will be strong and I will just ignore this person.